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Here are the latest CPD Updates:

Rethinking Land Titles and Boundaries: Integrating Aboriginal Interests with Fee Simple

Land is an essential element in the development of economies, cultures, and governments. The manner in which questions of ownership, use, access and authority are resolved can result in conflict or opportunity. Judicial decisions have, over the years, clarified the potential scope of Aboriginal title as well as the obligations placed upon public and First Nation governments. The opportunity for modern property law regimes to integrate the communal nature of Aboriginal title may be a clearer challenge now than ever before.

Speaking from the perspective of both a lawyer and a land surveyor, Izaak de Rijcke reviews recent Canadian cases related to Aboriginal title and reflects on how this “collective right” challenges traditional thinking about property rights and ownership within existing property law regimes.

This course can be found here.

Strata Property Act in British Columbia

Presented by Brent Taylor, this 2 hour course can be found here.

An Exploration of Websites Useful to the BC Land Surveyor and other Land Related Professionals
This series consists of webinars and presented by Brent Taylor on behalf of the ABCLS. The courses can be found here.


Expert Witness Course

Developed in collaboration with GeoEd, Four Point Learning is offering a self-paced course which covers all aspects of the professional land surveyor serving as an expert witness.  This new course will be of particular interest to land surveyors who want to be better prepared in their role of assisting the decision maker in a legal proceeding.

Four Point Learning is a GeoEd Registered Provider!


Understanding Indigenous Issues and Building Respectful Relationships with First Nations

This online course consists of nine 1 hour video sessions with course work to do at the participants' leisure.

The presenters of this course are Robert Harding, BA, BSW, MSW, PhD, RSW and Gwen Point, BEd, MEd, EdD (cand.) from the University of Fraser Valley.

The course is eligible for 12 CPD hours and consist of three modules.

  • How we know what we know about Indigenous Issues: Media representations, past and present 
  • Cross cultural issues & building mutual respect with Indigenous peoples & nations: General principles
  • Employment, hiring and retention, human resources, and building a supportive environment for Indigenous employees

To purchase this course, please click here.

Researching Boundary Case Law and Resources for Surveyors

This new webinar is available at Four Point Learning's Site here:

We expect this to be of particular interest to cadastral surveyors in Canada. In addition to demonstrating several case law searches, this webinar also introduces research techniques and provides an online guide of basic concepts to understand what is authoritative, under appeal, or relevant.