December 2018: “Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS) for Surveyors”

This webinar was presented on December 19, 2018.

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Imagine gathering all the data you need to create a topographic or volumetric survey covering 200 acres in 35 minutes – and create a point cloud that provides 200 elevation points per square meter! Now imagine this data is as accurate as RTK. Welcome to the world of UAV’s.

Land Surveyors are professionals in the art of measuring and recording. Surveyors utilize highly specialized and precise tools to measure, assign attributes, record, and present spatial data whilst leaving permanent recoverable marks on the ground to witness their work.

There is a technical revolution in the Geomatics industry as an exciting new tool has been developed that allows surveyors to survey land in a manner that typically was restricted to those companies with deep pockets. The advent of RPAS’ or UAV’s to conduct aerial survey and the associated software to allow the production of ortho rectified imagery and digital elevation models in a matter of hours has given the surveyor another cost-effective method to interpret and measure land.

To establish a common baseline from which to discuss, there will be a brief overview of:

  • Overview – what’s an RPAS?
  • Potential deliverables from an RPAS
  • What accuracies are obtainable?
  • General process workflow
  • What equipment is out there?
  • Do I need special software?
  • How much does it all cost?
  • Are there rules and regulations governing this?
  • How do I get started?

Practical applications will be discussed and there will be a Q&A period at the end of the webinar.


Thomas Hoppe, B.Tech., OLS

Owner/Manager, 43 Degrees North Enterprises Ltd.

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