February 2019: “Council Candidates’ Presentations and Tips on CPD”

This webinar was presented on February 19, 2019.

Watching this webinar qualifies for 1 CPD hour under the Meeting Attendance category for OLSs.
*CPD hours will need to be manually entered for this course.

Watch this first webinar of 2019 to hear the AOLS Council candidates talk about their background and what they intend to work on as members of Council.

Feel free to review Council Candidates’ Platforms 2019 

After listening to the Council candidates’ presentations and Q&A with the attendees, hear some helpful “Tips on CPD” presented by AOLS Program Manager Julia Savitch.

As the 2016-2018 CPD cycle came to a close, Julia received many questions and requests for clarification from the members who were completing that cycle. In order to help our members better navigate the AOLS CPD Program and online tracking, she has put together information on the following:

  • CPD Suspensions
  • Debunking 5 Common CPD Misconceptions
  • How to avoid getting in trouble with CPD!

All of the Council candidates for the 2019 AOLS Council are acclaimed. The candidates are listed below.

PRESIDENT – Alnashir Jeraj, Brampton

VICE-PRESIDENT – Andrew S. Mantha, Windsor

COUNCILLOR – Colin Bogue, Toronto

COUNCILLOR – David Kovacs, Thunder Bay

Slides: Council Candidates’ Presentations 

Slides: CPD